Presented by Three of Cups Theatre Collective

Written and Directed by Molly Houlahan

Produced by Taylor Norton and Chelsea Fryer

in association with Hannah Lang and Joyce Lee



What if everything, all we know as gospel, is built on one desperate lie? Gospel of the Marys dares to explore Mary the Middle Eastern teenager, Mary the Jew, Mary the liar - not the gilded, pale mother who has been venerated all this time. This play is an exploration of the real people behind the story - people lost to time, lost to translation. As Mary’s lie grows bigger than her, bigger than history, the play spirals and disintegrates, branching into thousands of iterations of translations. What is left of the truth when a lie becomes belief? 

We are raising money to help pay our actors and creative team for the world premiere of this production at the Furnace Festival! 



MARY: Chelsea Fryer

OTHER MARY: Natasha Hakata

JOSEPH: Paul Hinkes

VARIOUS: Neysa Lozano

VARIOUS: Ania Upstill



Director: Molly Houlahan

Physical Deviser: Ania Upstill

Dramaturg: Hannah Lang

Sound Designer: Renee Yeong

Composer: Benji Goldsmith

Lighting Designer: Kyle Rosenberg

Production Stage Managers: Deidre Works and Laura Hirschberg

Assistant Stage Manager: TaTyana Smith

August 3rd and 4th at The Center At West Park


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